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A water filter and purifier

If there's one thing hipsters have right for the apocalypse, at least , it's copious collections of Ball Jars, and, for good or ill, they may well outlive us all should things take a serious turn for the worse. Pro tip: buy brown glass, which preserves contents better and longer. It may be difficult to cop a charge for these things, but you'll probably want at least 12 of these bad boys. Writing as someone who likes to get lost in the dark, BioLite is far and away the best around these days, for comfort and battery life.

If you're going to have a garden in the post-apocalyptic world, it may as well be a good one if radioactive.

Is it time to join the 'preppers'? How to survive the climate-change apocalypse

Because we won't all live off raw meat when the stuff hits the fan. You may want more than a few of these, depending on how many mouths you plan on feeding, at least until those heirloom seeds start producing. Depending on what it's like out there, you may want to work on shoring up the homestead a little more, but this will keep you all dry until they can figure out how to zombie-proof the joint.

Not that this kit will reverse the effects of any zombie bites, but it will take care of most incidental injuries. Not the tastiest stuff, but it will keep them going until they can secure some fresh grub. Having lots of towels may be a good idea. Doing dishes, drying off after a shower, wiping off zombie blood, etc. Privacy itself will likely become a hot commodity, but this little shelter will at least, hopefully, allow everyone to bathe and use the restroom in peace.

Read our guide to the best mini fridges here. There may not be electricity, and fuel may be hard to come by for a gas- or diesel-powered generator, but here's hoping the sun still shines. Check out our guide to the best camping gear here. A little comfort-food rationing to bide time till things get a little more comfortable won't hurt. Lighters and matches don't last forever, and neither do these, but just a few of them should last a good while.

Read our full guide to the best fire starters here.

5 Devious Strategies That Will Get Preppers Killed - Ask a Prepper

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Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War

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When the economy heads south, you will have a bunch of people that are in really bad shape. What do we expect then? On the opposite side of the country, similar awkward conversations have been unfolding in some financial circles.

The Difference Between Prepping and Survivalism (And Why You Need Both Skill Sets)

Robert H. Dugger worked as a lobbyist for the financial industry before he became a partner at the global hedge fund Tudor Investment Corporation, in After seventeen years, he retired to focus on philanthropy and his investments. To manage that fear, Dugger said, he has seen two very different responses. And what about the maintenance guys? If revolutionaries are kicking in doors, how many of the people in your life will you have to take with you? Even financiers who supported Trump for President, hoping that he would cut taxes and regulations, have been unnerved at the ways his insurgent campaign seems to have hastened a collapse of respect for established institutions.

They wonder, Is the court system next? For people whose existence depends on enforceable contracts, this is life or death. Robert A. At fifty-nine, Johnson has tousled silver hair and a soft-spoken, avuncular composure. He earned degrees in electrical engineering and economics at M. He became a managing director at the hedge fund Soros Fund Management.

In , after the onset of the financial crisis, he was named head of a think tank, the Institute for New Economic Thinking. When I visited Johnson, not long ago, at his office on Park Avenue South, he described himself as an accidental student of civic anxiety. I used to live in Belle Haven, in Greenwich, Connecticut. From my own career, I would just talk to people. They have to be on the plane. That gap is comparable to the gap between average incomes in the U. On a cool evening in early November, I rented a car in Wichita, Kansas, and drove north from the city through slanting sunlight, across the suburbs and out beyond the last shopping center, where the horizon settles into farmland.

After a couple of hours, just before the town of Concordia, I headed west, down a dirt track flanked by corn and soybean fields, winding through darkness until my lights settled on a large steel gate. A guard, dressed in camouflage, held a semiautomatic rifle.

Read classic New Yorker stories, curated by our archivists and editors. He ushered me through, and, in the darkness, I could see the outline of a vast concrete dome, with a metal blast door partly ajar. I was greeted by Larry Hall, the C. The facility housed a nuclear warhead from to , when it was decommissioned. At a site conceived for the Soviet nuclear threat, Hall has erected a defense against the fears of a new era.

The kids can run around. Hall got the idea for the project about a decade ago, when he read that the federal government was reinvesting in catastrophe planning, which had languished after the Cold War.

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  • Bush ordered a renewed focus on continuity plans, and FEMA launched annual government-wide exercises. The most recent, Eagle Horizon, in , simulated hurricanes, improvised nuclear devices, earthquakes, and cyberattacks. In , he paid three hundred thousand dollars for the silo and finished construction in December, , at a cost of nearly twenty million dollars. He created twelve private apartments: full-floor units were advertised at three million dollars; a half-floor was half the price.

    Why Most Preppers Will Die

    He has sold every unit, except one for himself, he said. The interior can support a total of seventy-five people. It has enough food and fuel for five years off the grid; by raising tilapia in fish tanks, and hydroponic vegetables under grow lamps, with renewable power, it could function indefinitely, Hall said. Residents with private planes can land in Salina, about thirty miles away. In his view, the Army Corps did the hardest work by choosing the location.

    Is the body dangerous to you (from the point of health)?

    Hall, in his late fifties, is barrel-chested and talkative. He studied business and computers at the Florida Institute of Technology and went on to specialize in networks and data centers for Northrop Grumman, Harris Corporation, and other defense contractors. He now goes back and forth between the Kansas silo and a home in the Denver suburbs, where his wife, a paralegal, lives with their twelve-year-old son.

    Hall led me through the garage, down a ramp, and into a lounge, with a stone fireplace, a dining area, and a kitchen to one side. It had the feel of a ski condo without windows: pool table, stainless-steel appliances, leather couches. To maximize space, Hall took ideas from cruise-ship design. We were accompanied by Mark Menosky, an engineer who manages day-to-day operations. While they fixed dinner—steak, baked potatoes, and salad—Hall said that the hardest part of the project was sustaining life underground.

    He studied how to avoid depression add more lights , prevent cliques rotate chores , and simulate life aboveground.