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I read an article about the biomass trains from the docks to power station the other week in Rail. They were having to top and tail the train up to Tuebrook sidings, what is the gradient and would it affect the price of using the docks for other traffic like the containers if double heading was needed. Last edited: 24 Dec Do you know why the protection for the route from Atlantic junction was removed? Messages: 1, If there is to be an increase in the number of trains on the Bootle Branch will the signalling need to be improved?

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Last edited: 25 Dec Thanks again to 8A and Wavertreelad for their explanations of the situation at present and past, they were both very comprehensive and interesting. Merry Xmas to all and one.

Last edited: 26 Dec Messages: 4, I've had a look at the Liverpool 2 blurb and the site looks cramped and awkwardly shaped to me. Indeed rail connection is not pictured. I just wonder how much kite flying is taking place here. With a container downturn still in progress, I note that Avonmouth's own project is on hold. They picture a "potential" rail connection coming in further south east on Plan 3 opposite the Huskisson dock.

On old maps I see no previous line, so where would it join up inland and is there anything in the way, or would it be a tunnel like the present connection to Bootle Balliol Road? Messages: 13, All quiet at Tuebrook Sidings today.

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There were two rakes of GBRf biomass hoppers, several 66s and 59 parked up around Apart from the holiday period, and warm weather, I imagine the route s to Drax are a bit iffy during this stormy spell, with the Calder Valley only just reopened. Too long? Too boring? I am thick skinned and can handle critique well. Would be willing to reciprocate as well.

Are You Making These 7 Mistakes with Your About Page?

E-mail: ej emmlyjane. I think I may be guilty of making mistake 7. My About Page is probably too much about me and not enough about what the reader will gain by visiting my blog. Thanks for the tip!

I like to see name and picture on About page. They make blog more personal and close to the reader. I also find some difficulty when need to tell a little bit about me :. Very interesting and useful post. Thanks Dragan. Great post Sonia — of course! I particularly love your last point about context. With over employees and national offices …. Explaining your experience is great but only if you relate it to how you can help the reader.

I would also add the fact that your About page should have a call to action — linking people back to why they are there and nudging them along to getting in touch with you. Great post! You bring up a lot of good points in this article. Although your article has a lot of good points, I disagree with you regarding the use of photos and real names. In my case, the pen name that I chose reflects the theme of my website and is therefore memorable.

I had included a personal photo but decided that an image would be better suited to the website, again this is because it is more reflective of the focus but if you visit my Google profile, you can see my photo. Johnny Truant, James Chartrand, and Terry Starbucker all work and write under professional pseudonyms. Do you know of a fix for this?

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  6. My pet peeve with some About pages is overuse of abbreviated online text. A good, down-to-earth writing voice is key. And you have to let your readers know that you are a bona fide human being. I really enjoyed this article.


    I do agree that even with my web page i absolutely did not want to make an about page mainly because I did not know where to begin. Alas, I did create an about page and it will definitely be getting a much needed update after reading this.

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    Thank you. Our class NewhouseSM4. Some great tips here. The first page I always look for whenever I go to a website for the first time blog or otherwise is the About page so my biggest pet peeve on about pages would be their absence. I might retool a bit. I had a decent length about me page, then a shorter one, than a clever one, now a quickie. Need to improve the benefits to readers though.

    I have the name, picture and contact information down, as readers need to be able to contact you immediately after they learn more about you. As for pet peeves I feel simply not explaining who they are, is a big mistake. I know, I need to dig a little deeper on this 1 myself. Use names. Real names. Unless you are — or plan to — become a world famous person, stick with real names, it makes you look real, it makes you feel real, and it will improve your readership and business. People who hide, have something to hide.

    They lack belief in self, or in their viewpoint, or whatever. So hiding is definitely not a good thing because it does not vibe with a calm, confident assured blogger. I feel that opening up and talking about your self is key. Then, letting readers know how you can help them, this is a biggie.

    Great post.

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    I started my blog about 3 weeks ago and just added an About page last week. The blog has gone through multiple revisions in the 3 weeks because I was making most of the mistakes you write about. Should I repeat the information there also? But how do I make my writing less boring? How do I make the writing sound less enterprisey and more like a human? The first thing I thought when I saw it was that someone insisted she have a photo up, she posted the most least flattering one out of spite.

    She was dressed in a sloppy t-shirt, and her hair was stringy —and she was frowning at the camera. Very cool post! So many people overlook the About page, or just pass it off as a secondary page. They should know that people actually read them to find out more about the company and if they want to do business! Sonia — great advice, so simple and yet sooooooo easy to forget.

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    Next thing on the list — photoshoot and red lipstick! Hence, no photos. My face looks like I just walked out of mug shot academy. Everybody keeps telling me my blog would rule the internet, but I know they are all lying because they want my dead end job. If you have an about page, people, please consider introducing comedy: people like people who can make them laugh. I whole-heatedly agree with these tips. I would also add that you should have a professional headshot on your website, then consistently use it across all your social properties so that people begin to recognize you.

    I was kind of hesitant about putting an about me page on my blog as well due to not having the success of many of the top leaders.