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Mike Bloomberg: Blame Congress, Not Banks For The Mortgage Crisis - Business Insider

Most people who know him are convinced he will be getting into the race, according to those familiar with the matter. His team has been interviewing and hiring aides for a potential run for president, these people added. Some of Biden's supporters have been privately fretting that Bloomberg's candidacy could split the moderate vote and clinch the candidacy for the more progressive Sen.

Elizabeth Warren.

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A private equity executive told CNBC on the condition of anonymity that a Bloomberg campaign represents an alternative to Biden and Harris. This executive preferred Biden and Harris to the field, but he has felt unimpressed with their campaigns in recent weeks.

The fifth Democratic primary debate is set for Wednesday night. Biden, Warren, Sen.

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Bernie Sanders, Buttigieg and Harris will be under intense scrutiny. Biden continues to lead the field nationally, although Warren and Sanders have doggedly remained in second and third place. Biden's standing in early state primary polls has also been on shakier ground. Yet Bloomberg hasn't shown that he has broken through to voters yet.

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Biden still leads in most of the national polls. Bradley Tusk, a venture capitalist and former mayoral campaign manager for Bloomberg, will be assisting Bloomberg's political organization from the outside, a person with knowledge of the matter said.

His role has yet to be fully determined and he won't be leaving his company, Tusk Holdings, to work on the campaign. Tusk has a political advisory firm as part of his larger business named Tusk Strategies. He has written checks to a variety of candidates, including Buttigieg. Discussing New York's crime figures yesterday on CNN -- which are lower this year than last -- Mayor Bloomberg pooh-poohed the general consensus that crime rises in a down economy. The Times took umbrage to the mayor's statement that, as they put it, "titans of American capitalism" who subscribe to the rival newspaper "are simply not the homicidal kind.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg eyeing presidential bid

They went on to cite several more examples of finance workers who have committed murder. While we understand the Times ' umbrage at being painted as the default paper of killers, their argument strikes us as somewhat weird and pointless, since a duh, and b the more glaring error in the mayor's statement is in his characterization of the "park-bench wisdom" regarding crime and the economy. The conventional wisdom is not that people turn to crime because they've heard the Dow dropped a few points, it's that crime goes up because of the effects of the dropping Dow, like unemployment.

In recent years, he's continued to make headlines for his philanthropy.

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