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There is coming a day when Prayers for all of you. Amy Dandy Scott and family - I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you for this difficult time.

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Ron Harper Carol, I am so sorry to learn of your loss. Johnny was a very good man! Sad to have lost touch with y'all through the years. We bowled and golfed together and I even bought that green 66 Fairlane from him. All were pleasant experiences and he as an older role model taught me lessons that he never knew. All my memories of him are fond ones that I cherish. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time. An old friend of his and yours Ron Harper.

Danny Yang Carol, Scott, and family, I'm saddened to hear about your loss. I'm praying for your family at this extremely difficult time. Hope you all find peace and comfort soon. Scott is such a kind, caring, intelligent and responsible person. By am, the Confederate advance began to slow down, due to stiff Union resistance, but also due to disciplinary problems as the army overran the Federal camps. The sight of fresh food still burning on camp fires proved too tempting for many hungry Confederates, and many broke ranks to pillage and loot the camps, putting the army on hold until their officers could get them back into line.

Riding into the Union camp, he took a single tin cup and announced "Let this be my share of the spoils today," before directing his army onward. On April 4, he had been injured when his horse fell and pinned him underneath. He was convalescing and unable to move without crutches. Grant then took his steamboat, Tigress , to Crump's Landing, where he gave Lew Wallace his first orders, which were to wait in reserve and be ready to move. Wallace concentrated his troops at Stoney Lonesome, although his westernmost brigade remained at Adamsville.

The written orders, transcribed from verbal orders that Grant gave to an aide, were lost during the battle and controversy remains over their wording. Around noon, Wallace began the journey along the Shunpike, a route familiar to his men.

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Rowley told Wallace that the Union army had retreated, Sherman was no longer fighting at Shiloh Church, and the battle line had moved northeast toward Pittsburg Landing. Wallace had to make a choice: he could launch an attack and fight through the Confederate rear to reach Grant's forces closer to Pittsburg Landing, or reverse his direction and march toward Pittsburg Landing via a crossroads to the River Road. Wallace chose the second option. The move further delayed Wallace's troops as they marched north along the Shunpike road, then took a crossover to reach the River Road to the east, and headed south toward the battlefield.

It formed line on the battlefield about 7 p. Wallace is also now remembered as the author of Ben-Hur. Wallace's divisions established and held a position nicknamed the "Hornet's Nest", in a field along a road, now popularly called the "Sunken Road," although there is little physical justification for that name. Historians' estimates of the number of separate charges range from 8 to Coordination within the Nest was poor, and units withdrew based solely on their individual commanders' decisions.

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The pressure increased when W. Wallace, commander of the largest concentration of troops in the position, was mortally wounded while attempting to lead a breakout from the Confederate encirclement.

"Taps" performed in Arlington National Cemetery (summer and winter)

Daniel Ruggles , assembled more than 50 cannons into "Ruggles's Battery", [80] the largest concentration of artillery ever assembled in North America up to that point, to blast the line at close range. Prentiss surrendered himself and the remains of his division to the Confederates. A large portion of the Union survivors, an estimated 2, to 2, men, were captured, but their sacrifice bought time for Grant to establish a final defense line near Pittsburg Landing. While dealing with the Hornet's Nest, the South suffered a serious setback with the death of their commanding general.

Albert Sidney Johnston had received a report from Breckenridge that one of his brigades was refusing orders to advance against a Union force in a peach orchard. Eventually, Johnston's staff members noticed him slumping in his saddle. One of them, Tennessee governor Isham Harris , asked Johnston if he was wounded, and the general replied "Yes, and I fear seriously. Before a doctor could be found, Johnston bled to death from a torn popliteal artery that caused internal bleeding and blood to collect unnoticed in his riding boot.

Lee emerged as the preeminent Confederate general.

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Johnston was the highest-ranking officer from either side to be killed in combat during the Civil War. Beauregard assumed command, but his position in the rear, where he relied on field reports from his subordinates, may have given him only a vague idea of the disposition of forces at the front. This was likely a tactical error, because the Union flanks were slowly pulling back to form a semicircular line around Pittsburg Landing. If Beauregard had concentrated his forces against the flanks, he might have defeated the Union army at the landing, and then reduced the Hornet's Nest position at his leisure.

The Union flanks were being pushed back, but not decisively. Hardee and Polk caused Sherman and McClernand on the Union right to retreat in the direction of Pittsburg Landing, leaving the right flank of the Hornet's Nest exposed. Just after Johnston's death, Breckinridge, whose corps had been in reserve, attacked on the extreme left of the Union line, driving off the understrength brigade of Col. David Stuart and potentially opening a path into the Union rear and the Tennessee River. However, the Confederates paused to regroup and recover from exhaustion and disorganization, then followed the sounds of the guns toward the Hornet's Nest, and an opportunity was lost.

Sherman commanded the right of the line, McClernand took the center, and on the left, the remnants of W. Wallace's, Hurlbut's, and Stuart's men mixed with thousands of stragglers [92] who were crowding on the bluff over the landing. The advance of Buell's army, Col.

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Jacob Ammen 's brigade of Bull Nelson's division, arrived in time to be ferried over and join the left end of the line. Withers, attempted to break through the line but was repulsed.

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Beauregard called off a second attempt after 6 p. The evening of April 6 was a dispiriting end to the first day of one of the bloodiest battles in American history. The cries of wounded and dying men on the fields between the armies could be heard in the Union and Confederate camps throughout the night. Exhausted Confederate soldiers bedded down in the abandoned Union camps. Coupled with the continuous shelling from the Union gunboats Lexington and Tyler , it made the night a miserable experience for both sides. During the night rain fell in torrents and our troops were exposed to the storm without shelter.

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  4. I made my headquarters under a tree a few hundred yards back from the river bank. My ankle was so much swollen from the fall of my horse the Friday night preceding, and the bruise was so painful, that I could get no rest. The drenching rain would have precluded the possibility of sleep without this additional cause.

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    Some time after midnight, growing restive under the storm and the continuous pain, I moved back to the loghouse under the bank. This had been taken as a hospital, and all night wounded men were being brought in, their wounds dressed, a leg or an arm amputated as the case might require, and everything being done to save life or alleviate suffering. The sight was more unendurable than encountering the enemy's fire, and I returned to my tree in the rain. A famous anecdote encapsulates Grant's unflinching attitude to temporary setbacks and his tendency for offensive action. Sometime after midnight, Sherman encountered Grant standing under a tree, sheltering himself from the pouring rain and smoking one of his cigars, while considering his losses and planning for the next day.

    Sherman remarked, "Well, Grant, we've had the devil's own day, haven't we?