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Comme la biche tétanisée dans les phares de la bagnole : la justice spatiale et les animaux

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Nouvelle grande ligne Shinkansen.

The Lammas Hireling

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Le cri (2) - la révolte - EVIAL - Acrylic painting

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Tickets should sell out for this show within minutes of going on sale on Monday, August 31, at 10am. If you are not online, on the phone, or in line at the box office at that time, you probably won't get tickets, and you'll have to check sites l. The fact that these lawmakers are all open to declaring war -- a war the United States has been fighting since August -- is significant. Nunes and Graham, like many in their party, say the president doesn't need special legal authority for the n.


Paula L. This makes the movement a very dangerous political animal, as the leaders of the fascistic Rassemblement National party have sought to coopt the movement. In many ways, the movement is another manifestation of the wave of populist politics that have swept across Europe.

But to look at the gilets jaunes movement from that limited analysis leaves much to be desired.

La grammaire iconographique de la révolte en Syrie : Usages, techniques et supports

The demonstrators are largely working-class French citizens, who feel both alienated and victimized by globalization and financialization. These fears and concerns are valid, but are unfortunately too often preyed upon by far-right political organizations.

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Looking past this, there is a deeply-rooted and legitimate anger that fuels these protests. People are marching and rioting in the streets not out of hatred, but because their faith in fundamental institutions has been shaken by years of watching democratic mechanisms and the welfare state crumble around them. Furthermore, as the protests continue, democratic institutions fall apart in front of the eyes of demonstrators.

Consider the military-like precision by which the French police cracked down on protestors. Consider the use of tear gas, a violent suppression tool that not only affected protestors, but innocent bystanders as well. This level of brutality against citizens ought to never be accepted in a democratic society. Working French citizens feel as though the state no longer acts in their best interest.

Violent crackdowns by French police will only further this loss of faith. As I made my way back to the centre of Paris, pockets of protestors and police officers remained scattered across the boulevard. Suddenly my attention was grabbed as a woman began to yell at a group of police officers I had just passed:. Your friends, your family, are gilets jaunes! You know the gilets jaunes! If he ever goes missing, you can probably find him at the nearest piano, playing Italian folk songs.

Image Credits: Christopher Ciafro. Vans filled with riot police extended several blocks down the boulevard.


Riot police forming a defensive line. Image Credits: Christopher Ciafro The line of police officers eventually came to a halt. The crowd of demonstrators seen over the shoulders of French riot police.

HUNGER GAMES - La Révolte : Partie 2 (2015) - FRENCH

Image Credits: Christopher Ciafro From my vantage point, it was the police that shot first. Water canons have been a typical crowd-control method used since the onset of the protests. Map demonstrating the encircling tactics used by French riot police. Blue arrows represent their movements. The yellow vests protestors come from all political ideologies.