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Origin of Famous and Infamous

Whatever the case, the YouTube stars on this list are, sadly, no longer as relevant as they once were — yet their continued efforts on the site seem to suggest they haven't figured that out yet.

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After her cover of Justin Timberlake's " What Goes Around " went viral in the video even featured background vocals and a surprise appearance by JT , she won a record deal with Timberlake's label, Tennman. Alas, it wasn't to last. Refusing to give up on her dream, Denters appeared as a contestant on The Voice UK in she was working as a waitress in London at the time , winning a place on Will. Am's team. Despite her obvious talent, the Dutch songstress was eliminated from The Voice in the knockout stages. She's still covering music on her YouTube channel , but rarely do her videos exceed 10, views of late.

Music video parodies have been generating more revenue than official music videos since , and one of the first YouTubers to make bank from this kind of content was Brittani Louise Taylor. Her comical covers made her a YouTube star in the early s, but by the midpoint of the decade, her days of enjoying millions of views were over. Taylor gave birth in , and her channel underwent a drastic overhaul. The views just weren't the same, however, and her remaining fans began to wonder what happened. When Taylor eventually answered that question, many subscribers were shocked.

As drew to a close, she released A Sucky Love Story , a book that detailed how she discovered that the father of her son wasn't who he claimed to be. She might not be YouTube famous anymore she rarely reaches six-figure views today , but we're happy to see her looking a lot happier in her vlogs now that she's been able to share her story. The show was absolutely huge for a number of years, but Buckley decided to press pause in , citing his age as the issue. The jig is kinda up. It was the decade-old show itself.

He's now using his BuckHollywood channel, though the video announcing his grand return didn't exactly blow up.

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As it stands, this YouTuber may need a viral miracle to get back to the big leagues. How is it that a YouTuber who interviewed the president of the United States in has managed to fall completely off the radar in the years since? GloZell Green shot to YouTube prominence in , with her extreme challenge videos, taking part in any crazy fad that happened to come along.

Her version of the " Hot Pepper Challenge " became the most watched on the platform, and her attempt at the " Cinnamon Challenge " also went viral. The latter video has been watched more than 54 million times, which make the views that she's pulling in nowadays all the more shocking. Green's interview with former president Barack Obama was heavily criticized by the media, with many outlets wondering why POTUS was chatting with a woman who ate cereal from her bathtub via The Washington Times.

100. "I don't have friends. I got family."

Her viewership has suffered ever since, though the two aren't necessarily linked. According to Green's fellow vlogger The Gamer From Mars , her downfall began when she stopped being as wacky in her videos. Tyler Oakley's rise to YouTube prominence was nothing short of monumental. He uploaded his first video in September , and by February , he'd been made an official YouTube partner, meaning he's been getting paid for his videos for more than a decade now.

Oakley became as well-known for his LGBTQ advocacy as he was for his vlogs, and as his reputation grew, he started to rub elbows with celebrities and politicians alike. This might have been lifting his public profile, but his mainstream collabs weren't going down well with his YouTube audience.

How Does it Feel Not to Be Famous Anymore?

Hillary Clinton appeared on one of his vlogs during her run for the White House, but less than a million people watched it. Unfortunately for Oakley, the deal didn't pan out as planned, and DeGeneres pulled the plug. According to iNabber , it was around this time that things started to go downhill for Oakley. Millions of subscribers looked forward to his weekly take on the latest viral videos, and his channel which he dropped out of law school to concentrate on became the benchmark for this kind of content.

Today, the Equals Three program is no more, and Johnson is no longer a high-ranking member of the YouTube community. How did this happen? According to Techie Gamers , Johnson was doomed the moment he joined a pre-Disney Maker Studios because "Maker Studios didn't care too much about the content they uploaded, they [just] wanted to capture enough views to receive a return on their investment.

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He continued to make content after stepping away from Equals Three, though his numbers were a fraction of what they once were. The Gamer From Mars declared his channel dead in , but Johnson clearly didn't get the memo. His tracks haven't exactly blown up on YouTube. Johnson still has more than 9 million subscribers, but his most-viewed Fat Damon song to date " Fred Astaire " has only managed a shade more than , views.

Time to rap this up? Laina Morris shot to YouTube prominence in , when she recorded her own version of Justin Bieber's " Boyfriend " as part of a competition the Canadian pop star held to promote his new fragrance. It became her most popular video, but the buzz was relatively short-lived. Fame is the best thing in the world.

All of the above is only a small price to pay. Who cares about privacy when you have fame? I mean privacy shmivacy, I say film me all you like.

I have 30 poses for you already as I'm speaking. I'd take it as a compliment that anyone would want to photograph me. Celebrities are sooks, if they don't like paparazzi photographing them, why are they even there at the same time and same place as them. Celebrities should stop whinging, I mean come on personal space is for babies, your famous tough it out. Just let it all hang out! Film me in the bathroom while changing, go for gold I say. It makes me more rich and more loved, so go ahead. As for rumors who gives, say whatever, I am on top of the world and living it up.

Celebrities have an affluent lifestyle, designer clothes, luxury car, jewelry, private jets, get to travel a lot, have personal trainers, beautician, party invites, fans and a mansion, what more could you want?? That itself sums the key to happiness. Isn't that all mans ever dreamed of, material wealth beyond imagination, wearing designer labels, blowing money away whenever, letting loose when you can, endless party, numerous partners, loose matrimonial ties and on top of that no 9 to 5 job.

I say pfft to rumors, If I want to rock my caboose, I'll do it because I can afford to.

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I'll never have to work again, ever. Money and fame will keep flowing to me like a splattering fountain of youth just for being a celebrity. Beef with other celebrities!! Who cares. When your affluent opinions of others don't matter, even bad opinions from other celebrity. When your rich, friends, family and love must go, your to elegant and glamorous to care.

You can't afford to twitch a fingernail on anything, fame is a godly status.

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As for drugs. Argh celebrities just have it all don't they. Who doesn't aspire to being drugged up, wasted and dizzy. I would like to see double vision, party myself stupid and not remember what I did a few minutes ago. If I'm lucky my double visions see's women with four tits. That's the life! Being a celebrity is all I could ever want above happiness, love and health which mean nothing to me.

I can't buy anything with happiness, I can't pay for my fendi with my smile. Give me instant gratification over spiritual enlightenment any day! How can anyone not see that being a celebrity is the best thing in the world. Just look at all of Megan Fox perks.

What a lucky women she got them all before It's obvious they've done something right. See Simon Cowell?

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As well as Justin Biebers, king you tube, home video pro and master of impeccable timing for everything. Smelt his perfume the one in a purple bottle pink flower with a marked down price tag, that's the smell of success people aspire to wear. When your a celebrity you own the world and blow kisses to all those who dream of you. I now have a internet security team that decides who I can friend on my facebook and who I can not. I have p.