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Mixed Packs. Alcoholic Beverages. Office Globe Smart Sun Buy Products not in the Philippines. Shop By All Categories. Kegerator Replacement Parts. Beverage Refrigerator Replacement Parts. John, aka The Trailmaster, has written more than a thousand articles and stories about hiking, plus numerous regional bestselling guidebooks including "Hike Southern California" and "Day Hiker's Guide to California's State Parks.

The Trailmaster shares the many mental, physical and even spiritual benefits of hiking with his titles, "Hike for Health and Fitness" and "Hike with Kids," as well as with one of his popular talks, "Getting Back on the Nature Trail. He is currently in development with Hike On, a half-hour show about hiking for public television. To learn more about the author and his work, visit TheTrailmaster. These are the San Rafael Mountains.

Here are streams that run throughout the year, the home of native trout sought by ardent fishermen.

Inspiration Point

Trails form a connecting network throughout this range. The scenery ranges from desert plateaus covered with sagebrush and yucca, to heavily for- ested slopes; sparkling streams and dry washes are equally representative of this area. Hiking the remote trails, you will come upon cabins marking the location of a long-gone home- stead or ranch. Some of the cabins are kept up by the Forest Service as shelter for rangers who patrol the area during the hot fire-dangerous sum- mers.

It must have been a real hermitage, for it is hard to believe that a homesteader could get his family to live in a place so far removed from the rest of the world. Just about all the wildlife representative of the forest will be en- countered here, for the trail is seldom used by man.

It is well marked, however, and water from sweet, cool springs will provide the traveler with plenty of refreshment along the way. The County's Mountain Backbone A ire-blackened pine stands in stark relief against the peaks and canyons that form the backbone of the county. Beyond the last ranch in Happy Canyon, a good dirt road winds over the me rTr Sa r e.

WOrth y- Pass the Red Rock quicksilver mine. The dilapidated buildings still contain parts of the original retort and crusher used in the process of freeing he liquid metal from the cinnabar. The steep c i! Before the climb to the mine Z! Figueroa Camp is being enlarged and will be completed in The road continues past the camp to Figueroa Mountain where another branch, to the right, takes you to Figueroa Lookout, where in a high forest of huge yellow pines, there are tables and accommodations for day camping.

Returning to the main road and continuing on another mile brings you to a sign pointing to the Catway between Figueroa and Zaca peaks. This delightful road runs through a heavy stand of fir and spruce and at one point crosses a saddle which in springtime is covered with flowering lupine There are two picnic spots along this short road At the end of the good road, a jeep road, usuallv open, continues on to Zaca Peak and offers a good view of Zaca Lakr.

The lake and the property around it are under private ownership and closed to entry.

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  8. Re turning along this same road brings you to the Catway turnoff from the main road. Continuing Campsites in the forest are often surprisingly comfortable. This camper finds a well- made picnic table at a site miles from any road. This trip is easily taken by automobile in six or seven hours and will allow ample time to stop and view the back country from many points along the way.

    It is worth while to drive to the top of Figueroa Lookout, from where a commanding view of the inner San Rafaels opens before you. A jeep trail leads from the end of the Catway down to Davey Brown Creek; don't go this way unless you do have a jeep, for there are many steep grades and sharp, soft earth turns. Here the fishing is good during the trout season. The streams are stocked with catchable trout, and the many trails up and down stream lead to excellent fishing spots within walking and wading distance of the camp.

    In the early part of the year swimming is wonderful; the area is open year-round. Facilities are adequate for comfortable camping. This is also an excellent spot for fishermen, for the Manzana Canyon extends in both directions and is easily walked. A locked gate at the end of the camp is posted with the notice that no vehicular travel is allowed beyond the gate. This is the entrance to the San Rafael Primi- tive Area. It is also a base camp for those who want to take the many trails into the main forest areas. Hurricane Deck, a high, windswept ridge of rocky outcroppings, can be reached from here by two trails.

    Each year thousands of youngsters like these enjoy the benefits of the great forest preserve. On overnight hikes such as these boys are making, the lessons of conservation and self- reliance are learned first-hand. I his canyon leads from the Deck down into the Sisquoc. This road lias been abandoned, but it is easy walking and prov ides an entrance to the sandstone reefs and caves on the south slopes of the inner San Rafael Range.