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As the graffiti once had it, this was Independent Tropical Wales. Contemporary reviews celebrated The Hiding Place as a revelation and exploration of a community underrepresented in literary fiction; in The Guardian , D. The book is a dark tale of sickening abuse, unflinching violence, unfettered gambling, arson, prostitution and the killing of a pet rabbit.

Hidden Places A Novel

What marks The Hiding Place out as great among the good is its suggestiveness and atmosphere of suppressed truth. Through the gaps, Trezza Azzopardi explores the very nature of memory, as Dolores attempts to come to terms with the psychological fallout of her brutal childhood and shattered family.

A girl baby, yet again. Join our friends' scheme and support Wales' premier digital platform for cultural debate [ Find out more info ]. But she has no idea how to run an orchard alone. When a stranger appears at her doorstep, Eliza guesses he is no different than the other out-of-luck characters searching for work during the Depression.

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But the familiarity with which Gabe tends to the farm raises unanswered questions. With a vulnerable heart, she is unwittingly drawn to his gentle ways. But Eliza also fears that Gabe hides a past and motives that could jeopardize all she has fought to attain for herself and her children….

You can read Kindle books on your computer , iPhone, iPad, and more. I really thought I wouldn't like not having a physical book, but I love it.

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