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Kate, 9, wishes she could get over her "whole back-flip problem. I never do it when I know I can.


I am scared I will hurt myself," she said. A couple kids said funerals scared them. Fireworks frightened other kids. Even going alone to a big bathroom — like the kind in school or at the mall — can be scary, according to a few kids. Health-related matters can be scary, some kids said.

In addition to getting shots, they said they were scared of throwing up , wetting the bed , or getting fat. Morgan wishes she would stop being afraid to ride roller coasters. Fear is a feeling that everyone has — it's programmed into all of us — and that's a good thing because fear is there to protect us.

The Wise Man's Fear Quotes

We're born with a sense of fear so we can react to something that could be dangerous. Babies cry when they're afraid, even if that loud noise that startled them is just an older brother banging pots and pans in the kitchen.

The baby cries, and mom comes over to soothe him or her, helping the baby feel safe and OK again. There, that's better! Now, with the help of mom, the baby has just experienced calming down after feeling afraid — something that every person needs to learn as they grow up.

Nice job, baby! Bigger kids hear that loud clanging and say, "No big deal.

Half-Way Done: From Fear to Love by C. R. E. Gonzalez, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

It's just my brother making noise again. The best way to get over a fear is to get more information about it. As kids get older, they understand more and start seeing the difference between real and pretend. So when William's imagination leads him to think of witches and werewolves, he can tell himself, "Wait a minute.

They're only pretend. I don't need to worry about them. The same goes for the dark.

What does depression feel like?

Halfway is an eight piece band based in Brisbane, Australia. After moving to Brisbane and recruiting the like-minded Ben Johnson bass , Halfway was formed in I remember Ron Peno, the flamboyant singer from Died Pretty, once telling me a story about when he first moved up to Brisbane in the early 80s, to get together with guitarist Brett Myers to form the Pretties. The duo at the core of Halfway, John Busby and Chris Dale, come from Rockhampton, and well do they recall how hard it was growing up in the self-proclaimed Beef Capital of Australia in the s.

Which is a not dissimilar narrative arc to that of Halfway themselves. They are giving their dream a shot too, and they know that ultimately the only thing that might beat them is the inexorable passage of time itself..