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Jay Arthur. Publisher: KnowWare International Inc , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Learn a better way to implement Lean Six Sigma that can be done in five days or less! About the Author : Jay Arthur, the KnowWare Man, solves problems of delay, defects and deviation--the three silent killers of productivity and profitability. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Stock Image. It was acquired by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey in Sharkbyte, Powerdime. Currently, Josh is running an indie film production company. Polaroid Corporation - Edwin Land took two leaves of absence from Harvard. During the first leave of absence, he created a new kind of polarizer, which he called Polaroid. During the second leave of absence he started a laboratory with other young scientists.

He expanded the business into television. Turner used the profits from the company to launch CNN, the first hour all-news cable channel. It was the perfect background for an entrepreneur. Paul started a little copy shop so little he had to wheel the machine outside to make room for customers on his college campus. He sold pens and paper and made copies. Arnold Schwarzenegger — Started training for Mr. Universe when he was 14 years old. I bring up these profiles not to show that school is unimportant. On the contrary, I think it can be beneficial to many students when leveraged.

My goal is to show that anybody can achieve anything. I hope that the statistics and real world examples I have brought up will give you the confidence to follow your dreams. This may sound like a simple question, but there are many answers.

Amidst the ups and downs of the economy, we are undergoing a major shift in the way we live. Who we are as individuals is changing. Instead of working our entire life at one job, we are working, on average, only a few years with one company. A secure job is no longer guaranteed to even the best educated.

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Opportunities will be mainly available for people who are prepared for them and capitalize on opportunities. We must take control of our lives. We are free agents and must take ownership and realize that we are all running a company called Me, Inc. Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. An entrepreneur creates the system and then has the ability to stop working on it and still receive money through ownership of the asset.

We as individuals are human enterprises, and just like a business, we have assets. We can take ownership and receive the benefits of these assets, by recognizing and leveraging them to create value for ourselves and others. I will explain how this can be done later on in the book.

The entrepreneur has created a system that makes it possible to receive passive income, wealth that the entrepreneur does not have to work for. Using leverage such as employees and branding, the entrepreneur can become rich while he or she is asleep. In the same way that a business leverages its assets, we too as individuals can leverage our own tangible and intangible assets.

These include: 1. He or she is an individual who takes control and accountability and leverages his or her tangible and intangible assets to create a life of prosperity with an extreme mindset. The Extreme Entrepreneur Quadrant Extreme Entrepreneurs think about maximizing values by choosing to do the highest value activities and by choosing to the highest value ways of being. Let me explain. A conventional entrepreneur may start a business system, but not use an empowering mindset.

On the other end of the spectrum, an individual may have an extreme mindset yet invest in limiting activities. The chart below boils down the four quadrants of being and doing. Each choice you make will help determine which quadrant you invest in. Keep in mind that these definitions do not necessarily mirror their common definitions. For example, an employee is not defined as somebody who works for a company in Extreme Entrepreneurship.

An employee is someone who is leveraged by a system. On the other hand, an entrepreneur creates and leverages that system. For example, an individual can be an Extreme Entrepreneur by maximizing a relationship with a friend or choosing to eat healthily. In other words, in Extreme Entrepreneurship an Extreme Entrepreneur and a Conventional Entrepreneur are not necessarily business owners.

Lastly, every second one must choose whether to be an Extreme Entrepreneur. It is an ongoing process of decision making. The tables below explain what each of the words in the chart above mean.

The Student Success Manifesto

One of the tables was used earlier in the book, but is important to see again. Conventional — Adopting the common way of being. Employee — Going along with the activities that come up. I was able to catch him in the school computer lab around pm on a Monday while he was on a work break checking his personal e-mail.

He said that his boss was very rude and yelled at him at least once a day. He further went on to say that if he made one mistake he could be fired. With this sort of dependence on traditions that may or may not work, these types of employees will be unprepared for change and afraid of taking risks in the future. After they graduate, many students are willing to sacrifice years of their life in employment situations where they are not enjoying themselves.

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In return, these people often have a higher salary in the short term. However, there are hidden costs in such a position. The Extreme Entrepreneur can focus on what he or she is most passionate about. An Extreme Entrepreneur invests in intangible assets that may take awhile to pay off financially, but in the long run these assets have the potential to be extremely lucrative. Each asset is a hedge against risk.

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Below is the story I was told by Scott Pollack, a student at the Stern School of Business, who had a pivotal experience working at a startup: A few weeks before my high school graduation, I found a classified ad in a weekly Internet industry email newsletter The Silicon Alley Reporter by an Internet start-up looking for a Junior Web Developer. I was going to attend NYU in the fall as a computer science major, and had significant interest and experience in programming, so I submitted my resume via e-mail.

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I got a call soon after by the then-CEO. Halfway into a phone interview, he paused and said, "Wait a minute, how old are you? From that meeting I was offered a summer internship, and so it all began. The company did not become profitable for almost two years it required a significant change in its business model first , but while I was there I did not think through any of the risks. I believed without a doubt that I was working at the next Microsoft.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to be a millionaire before my 21st birthday.

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Of course, my mind was clouded by stories of my Internet industry colleagues making billions overnight. Even though my stock options are worthless, working at this start-up was the cornerstone of my professional career. The lessons learned while working there are worth far more than the millions of dollars I had originally sought after. The original business model of the company was to be a broker of intellectual property, purchasing patents from universities and government research labs, and then licensing them for a profit. My original responsibilities were to review patents that were under consideration, to try to understand the technology, and to give my impressions as to the 55 Part I: Extreme Entrepreneurship Defined potential for future uses.