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While a majority of users probably won't run into any issues, those who still rely on an old pre-Windows 7 program should check with the software provider to ensure compatibility. Incompatible hardware This may also be the case with certain peripherals, such as a printer or scanner. You will likely be required to download a new driver for the device to work properly.

You should check with the manufacturer to ensure that support will be continued with Windows There is no way to disable the feature, meaning that once Microsoft pushes new drivers, bug fixes and security updates, you get them right away. This is great for the average user, but it could cause some headaches for gamers.

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In the past, small updates to the Windows operating system could sometimes cause compatibility issues with the graphics drivers gamers download from Nvidia and AMD. Hard-core gamers may be inclined to explore upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, which will give you more flexibility on installing small updates and patches. Bugs Whether they are crawling on the ground or in our software, no one is a fan of bugs. Early adopters and developers have been testing Windows 10 for the past nine months, but similar to the release of a new update for your iPhone or Android device, it's inevitable that some bugs will slide through the cracks.

While it's unlikely for anything major to be prevalent, small bugs could affect how some programs and features function. Bottom line If any of these possible problems make you uncomfortable, you may be better off waiting a few weeks, or even a couple of months, before upgrading to Windows This is especially true if you plan on upgrading your primary computer or one you may use for work. Microsoft's free Windows 10 promotion is available until , so there's no rush to update. Sometimes it's even better to wait for the first patch to fix some of the initial bugs.

You will find this option in the Windows 10 Settings app under Recovery.


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Probably everyone with a portable device has once been connected to a public WiFi network: while having a coffee, on the train, or at a hotel. It is not advisable to use open WiFi networks in public places. If these networks are used, work or financial related activities should better be avoided. This allows users to set up, within the Wi-Fi network, an encrypted tunnel to a server that they trust. Do that, and your Internet traffic will first be encrypted and sent to that server of the VPN provider or at your home before it goes to the Internet.

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Again, I won't name names. Be aware that certain so-called optimizing programs are basically infections in their own right and definitely do more harm than good. Many are almost impossible to get rid of as they bury deep into the system. Be very diligent in choosing the ones for you.

There are plenty of scenarios where they simply log in, send out a mass email to your contacts, and move on to the next victim. Other types, however, will change your password to stave you off. In that case, the first thing you should do is regain access to your account. Just use the standard "Forgot your password? For example, check that your secondary recovery email is still accurate. Sa recette est simple : Million Short retire automatiquement les premiers , , Exalead, Yandex, Baidu. Open Internet Explorer and click on the "Tools" menu option.

Note: If the "Tools" menu option is not visible, press the "Alt" key on your keyboard to display the menu bar. Click on the "Delete Browsing History" option. Check the boxes next to the "Temporary Internet files" and the "Cookies" options.

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Make sure all other boxes are unchecked. Click on the "Delete" button. Note: If the "Tools" menu is not visible, press the "Alt" key on your keyboard to display the menu bar. Select the "Delete Browsing History" option.