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The couple notified both the county's local finds liaison officer as they were obliged to by law and have given the coins to the British Museum in London to evaluate. Experts there have spent the last seven months assessing and cataloguing them and will later this week unveil them to the public for the first time.

If the hoard is declared treasure it will be up to a museum to compensate Mr Staples and Miss Grace with the monetary value of the coins - making them overnight millionaires. If the hoard is not deemed important enough for a museum then they will be returned to the finders who will will be able to sell the coins. Mr Staples and Miss Grace, from Derby, have remained tight-lipped over their 'find of a lifetime'.

But in an interview with Treasure Hunting Magazine, they described the hoard as 'amazing' and 'absolutely mind-blowing. The metal detecting grapevine has also been rife with news of the find, with scores of people posting messages of congratulations to the couple.


The 1,year-old treasure was discovered by unemployed Terry Herbert in July in a field owned by a friend in Staffordshire. Within days, the year-old former coffin factory worker from Walsall had filled bags with gold objects weighing in at more than 11lbs 5kg. Maybe it was meant to be, maybe the gold had my name on it all along. The jewels are thought to have come from Sri Lanka - carried to Europe by traders.

The gold probably came from the Byzantine Empire, the eastern remnant of the Roman Empire based in what is now Istanbul. Nigel Mills, a coin expert and consultant for London auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb, said: 'I am told the coins are absolutely stunning. Under the Treasure Act , finders of potential treasure in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are legally obliged to notify their local coroner. If the find is declared treasure, the finder must offer it for sale to a museum at a price set by the British Museum's Treasure Valuation Committee.

It maybe that an appeal for sponsors is launched to try and acquire them. He added: 'They would have been buried within two or three years after and probably before Not a king, but somebody high up and important, somebody of substance. A spokesman for the Metal Detectives Group said: 'When you find something like that you keep where you find it very quiet. A museum and treasure valuation committee will give the hoard a value. But some will be rarer and more valuable than others. A spokesman for the British Museum said: 'We can confirm that a large hoard of late Anglo-Saxon and Norman coins was discovered in January and has been handed in to the British Museum as possible Treasure under the terms of the Treasure Act This appears to be an important discovery.

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What was the 'Staffordshire hoard'? A treasure hunter made the find in Under the Treasure Act , finders of potential treasure in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are legally obliged to notify their local coroner An inquest then determines whether the finds constitute treasure. A reward is then offered to the finders and other relevant parties. Share or comment on this article: Somerset metal-detecting couple find one of Britain's biggest ever treasure hoards e-mail 6. Comments Share what you think.

Treasure hunters say they have found Confederate gold in Lake Michigan shipwreck

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There have always been those who have sought to shape history to ensure that freedoms and artifacts could be preserved in the Americas. Daniel J. Anybody who is interested in the Templar legacy and their connection with the Americas will find true gems in this book! Duke--the great-great-grandson of the outlaw Jesse James--weaves a wonderful tale of Southern intrigue and mysterious treasure.

Where he travels next on his personal journey of discovery will be the key. If you love history, mysteries, treasure hunting and of course Jesse James, do not hesitate to give your full attention to Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure.

The reader will learn more concerning Jesse James and the groups to which he belonged. It is evident that Duke put a lot of time and research into this book. I recommend this book for the history buff and for those with a love for treasure stories and conspiracy theories.

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About The Book. Chapter 4. Most of the treasure stories, after a little research, turn out to be tall tales, but there are a few that turned out to be true. They got to know one another and Jesse trusted him. In the s, Jesse had George swear an oath of secrecy and hired George to help him move bars of gold. They buried the gold in a rectangular shaped field.

They found the center of the field and from that center, Jesse paced forty steps to the north and instructed them to dig a hole approximately eight feet in depth. They lined the bottom of the hole with large timbers, unloaded the gold into the hole, covered it up and left. George drew a map for us on a piece of brown paper and described to us exactly where they buried the gold. The place he described is now under a lake which was created in by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. When I informed George that it is now covered by Lake Belton, he gritted his teeth, looked down and shook his head in disappointment.

George Roming died in at the age of He was a good man and a good friend. A little more than a year after we met George Roming, we were contacted by Nita Callahan. Callahan was associated with former Texas State Attorney General, Waggoner Carr, and she wanted to show us the locations of two treasures that had been recovered. The first site was located approximately 2. It was said to have held a very large cache of gold bars weighing close to eighty pounds each. When I returned home I pulled out the maps and started drawing lines.

I then drew a line from Victorio Peak to the site near Georgetown, Texas.