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Even in India, where arranged marriage is most common, there has been a decrease in the overall number of these unions. Since most Westerners are very familiar with their partners long before a wedding, the choice to wear a veil is usually made for fashion.

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On a more romantic note, the veil has not always held such a convoluted place in wedding lore. In Jewish wedding tradition, a bride is said to wear this item for a handful of reasons. Deciding whether to include a veil in your bridal outfit can be tough. Category: Wedding Materials Marriage.

Jun 05, Leave a Comment. A Complicated Origin History is not always kind to women.

A Complicated Origin

The Big Reveal Marriage customs have changed a lot over the years, mostly for the better. Look Within On a more romantic note, the veil has not always held such a convoluted place in wedding lore. To post a comment you must log in first. Without history, we have no knowledge of who we are or how we came to be. We become like people who have lost their memory, blindly groping in the dark to find their identity.

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History is a source of great power generated by the inspired, past aspirations and accomplishments of our forefathers who struggled to realize peace, happiness and success on Earth. History is a gift to all of us who are yearning to find self, yearning to know self, and for all searching for self-identity and self-realisation; all genuine soul-searchers and Initiates on the Path of Truth need to know their history. It has been said that a people's realisation of God can be equated to the evolvement and deification of their culture.

History allows those of us, who take cognizance of it, to see right and wrong, wisdom and error in retrospect; it gives us the necessary understanding for us to desire to improve ourselves so as to realize the fullness of God's grace, which ultimately is divinity. History is the record of experience and a people must know their history if they are to begin to understand themselves and the world of which they are humble inhabitants.


Also by knowing our history we may live within the protective shield of hard-earned experience and wisdom. How do other ancient sites play into this?

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Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror; all in one mind.

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